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Cinematic Brand-Fiction Production

Cinematic Brand-Fiction Production

It starts with paying attention

To you, to your brand and to its audience in order to understand the emotion that drives you and create your tailor-made visual story.


Inspire your audience

We believe communication goes beyond selling your products or services. It is about showing your perception, telling your story. Stories are powerful. The brain operates in pictures. Telling a story is painting in someone else's mind.

Top-videos do just that. They are the perfect story-centric media, and our purpose is to create yours. We work with scriptwriters and apply cinematic crafts to make a visual story of your perception; to create your brand-fiction.

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Surprise and distraction

The storytelling point: the surprising connection between the imaginary of the characters and their reality.

Four friends. A move in. A piece of furniture to assemble. A risky game. The perfect IKEA advertisement.

The Nikon Festival is an international very short film festival. The 11th edition had for theme "The game". We have chosen three areas of development : theatrical acting, board games and stakes.

REKKO acted as a production company for this project by bringing together the director, the technical team and the actors. We gathered the funding and managed all the logistics and artistic coherence of the project.

Eye Companion

Eye Companion


The storytelling point: make sure the expert’s skills are the main interest in the video.

Eye Companion is an innovation demonstrator project. Schneider Electric wanted to present their new concept. It was combining consulting service and technical expertise through a IoT device.

The technology used had to be underlying. The video had to highlight the human value in this service.

To achieve this goal, we created futuristic special effects directly on the actor. He is the expert's eye. Actions are driven by his initiative and this is what creates quality service.



Ecstasy and admiration

The storytelling point: create a video that starts from a wide point of view and gradually zoom in to enter the intimacy of nature.

The environment of Chamonix is magnificent. The theme of this video is dreamlike, almost mystical wilderness. It's a self-sufficient highly detailed ecosystem.

The best way to highlight it is to keep the composition of the image simple. We have made the choice to position ourselves as an observer and to focus on colorimetry.

Swap it

Swap it

Anticipation and serenity

The storytelling point: creating visual continuity from one expert to another.

The adaptability of systems and their ease of integration are at the heart of our customers' issues. Here, they provide a kit solution optimizing maintenance expenses.

We filmed the key steps in setting up the kit. This brings educational video content to the viewer. To maintain focus, we used dynamic transition techniques. To convey the "easy" aspect, we time-lapse filmed the integration of the new system into the old one.




The storytelling point: participate with the camera in the movement.

The beauty of youth, the excitement of renewal and the discovery of other human beings: this is the message that immediately came to our minds for this aftermovie. When we were talking with these students, these are the kind of memories they wanted to keep.

We aimed to be as discreet as possible so that everyone felt comfortable being filmed. This allowed us to be able to capture funny moments, love moments, and genuine moments of togetherness; the ones that make us laugh and smile for the rest of our lives.

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Our expertise

Our core business lies in the development of innovative ideas. The Grenoble region, and Grenoble especially, is the perfect ecosystem for this. Finding inspiration is like walking through the front door.

Thinking, Idea, Pitch, Synopsis, Screenwriting, Script, Storyboard, Mood-board, Scouting, Casting, Talents Development, Financing, Pre-producing, Location Manager, Production, Production budget, Shooting, Film Crew, Director, Director of Photography, Production design, Post Production, Editing

Our talent's technique

We will seek the audiovisual specialists that fit in with your project. Are you in Grenoble? Or else Toulouse? Or even in Paris? Our network includes video specialists all over France.

Drone, Motion Design, Visual Effects FX, Color Grading, sFX, Compositing, Composer, Sound, Editing, Mix, Sound Design


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